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Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) may be defined as bringing together the two functions, IT and building facilities together. This gives data centre administrators a holistic view of the performance of data centre, and results in audacious use of equipment, energy and floor space.

DCIM must characteristically enable a single pane view of the entire infrastructure. This helps administrators to make judicious decisions towards mitigating the use of power and resources. Business objectives become easier to meet as power, space and cooling become easier to visualize and align.

Here is a look at the 6 Components of a Data Centre.
1. Console management

IT and communications infrastructure should characteristically be managed in a way that network resilience enhances. It allows organizations to ensure high levels of business continuity at all times and places.

One of the prime reasons why downtime costs are exceedingly high in IT infrastructure is that data centers and collocation facilities alike host an array of segregated power devices and servers. These have been sourced by many different vendors.

In order to effectively address the challenges and complexity posed by such critical IT infrastructures, traditional out-of-band management solutions may not suffice in many cases. Opengear products come across as feasible options for use in such circumstances, and come with a commendable array of benefits.

Basic features of Opengear products for creating resilient networks include monitoring and diagnosing, and also troubleshooting of critical data centre equipment.

A few of the advanced features of Opengear products are Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), Zero Touch Provisioning along with orchestration tools. This reduces manual interaction with the systems.

Opengear CM7100 Console Server in a device that simplifies out of band management. This works nicely for network and server, and is very effective for power infrastructure that prevails at remote sites and data centers.

2. Power monitoring

At all places in the world, IT labs and data centers are fast approaching the limits of operational capacity. While power resources are constrained energy costs are on a high.

In order to boost power efficiency, it is important to know how much power is available, and how much is being used. If a tool is used to access critical information regarding power usage, it would work towards decreasing power woes for an organization to a significant extent.

For power management, if Sunbird’s Power IQ DCIM software is used, one can figure out the amount of power that the IT infrastructure is using in a moment. Each power outlet is metered and PX® intelligent Rack PDUs are coupled with each individual server.

Opengear CM7100 Console Server in a device that simplifies out of band management. This works nicely for network and server, and is very effective for power infrastructure that prevails at remote sites and data centers.

3. Asset tracking

Numbers of assets in data centers are nowadays exceedingly high, which makes asset tracking difficult. Getting access to the required information at critical times becomes problematic at times.

dcTrack® is a DCIM software which is easy to use. By using the software, one can maintain an accurate inventory of assets in the data centre. Also featured are views across data centre in real time. This would include equipment in racks, such as networking equipment, storage, servers, applications, patch panels and rack PDUs. The network chain becomes visible at the click of a button, and the complexity is simplified.

4. Cooling systems

If one over cools the data centre, one is paying more for cooling resources than one need to. An organization also needs to make sure that they are providing a safe environment for their IT equipment.

As rack densities increase and servers generate more heat, it gives rise to hot spots. The associated problems include not getting alerts when the conditions exceed the limits that have been pre set.

To address this issue, Sunbird has come up with a comprehensive Environment Management Solution. By using it, one can identify potential areas of trouble. It also helps save energy and upkeeps a safe environment for the IT equipment. They use PDUs that work with plug-and-play environment sensors..

The prime areas in an IT infrastructure that benefit with cooling solutions are data centers, offices and communication rooms. ColdLogik is a brand which has come up with a vast portfolio of effective cooling solutions for a variety of applications in an IT infrastructure.

5. PDUs

A PDU is essentially a device that is fitted with a number of outlets. Each of the outlets distributes electric power to peripherals such as storage devices, servers or networking equipment.

Raritan has come up with PDUs that enable a good uptime for the devices with advanced features such as failover power that is built in and circuit breaker trip alarming. The PDUs are robust and intelligent. They withstand harsh environments, help with elimination of human error and prevent outages before they occur. This safeguards the critical load in any circumstance. Deployment and usage of Raritan PDUs is simple.

6. Bus bar (replacement of hanging wires, wires tagging)

E-i-eng is a brand that has come up with a number of solutions for replacement of hanging wires or tangled wires in an equipment with use of bus bars.

The offerings of the brand in terms of power bars include high powerbar, MV phase powerbar, intelligent medium powerbar, and cast resin powerbar.

We provide a quality of resources to assist our customers in configuring, installing, maintaining and upgrading your data centers with the latest and updated DCIM software and tools. Our customers will have remote access to their data centers that can be upgraded on-demand remotely.

Our Rack Based Data Center Environment Monitoring System lets you monitor servers, network devices, blade chassis, chassis switches and much more. All components of this integrated system are well-protected within the rack, and the Data Center Environment Monitoring System lets you control the racks using our robust infrastructure tools.

Benefits of our Data Centre Infrastructure and Environmental Monitoring Systems

Better power reliability for your IT infrastructure

Easy energy consumption identification

Save on cooling costs

Easy to maintain and upgrade

Reduced infrastructure costs

Convenient and flexible

Real-time operation visibility with understandable reports

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