TIM’s technical team is now CDCP certified. Get the right solutions for your Data Center from our experts!


Our DCIO experts evaluate designs by using state-of-the-art simulation technology and OPEX-based solutions to predict the performance of data centers across the life span. The 3D virtual facility allows you to simulate the airflow throughout your design, answering the questions that had previously been left to chance. How will your design perform under failure? Will your cooling system provide enough cold air to all the equipment? Have you over engineered to be safe?

TIM Infratech provides an answer to all your doubts with reliable, ROI-focused solutions and best-of-breed technology.

Focused on Greenfield / new data centers

• Understands and prevents temperature hotspots

• Runs “what-if” scenarios to ensure the optimum utility of the design

• Flexibility to model all types of DC design or layout

• Visualizes designed performance of DC up front with varying IT loads

• Helps in finalizing best models based on optimal energy and capacity utilization across DC’s life cycle

    DCDR Features
  1. A service based model utilizing scientific tools for simulations instead of only best practices
  2. Allows exploring the performance of your designs before the actual build
  3. Compares different vendor equipment performance before making the right choice
  4. Simulates the airflow throughout the design to predict the delivery of proper airflow/CFM
  5. Runs cooling failure scenarios to check your data center’s resilience

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