TIM’s technical team is now CDCP certified. Get the right solutions for your Data Center from our experts!


Your Data Center is a critical component of the enterprise technology infrastructure. Power and storage capacity are continually growing due to data growth. Your Data Center needs to perform at a high level to enable efficiency in operation and performance.

Modern Data Centers are home to a massive amount of data and technology. With more virtualization and high-density computing, the energy efficiency of a Data Center has become a vital consideration. In fact, IDC reports that energy consumption per server is growing by 9% per year globally as growth in performance pushes demand for energy.

To achieve this objective, you need our reliable, ROI-focused solutions and best-of-breed technology.


Intelligent cooling to maximize investments and manage energy

TIM Infratech's innovative and intelligent cooling solutions help your company to cut energy costs by half. Traditional cooling solutions aren’t flexible enough to manage and absorb varying IT loads.

That’s why you need our NEXTGEN Cooling Solutions to manage your energy costs efficiently. NEXTGEN maintains uniform temperature across the DC and simultaneously utilizes the designed capacities at optimal rates. Real estate space utilization is reduced substantially by 80% as against traditional cooling systems.

    Power Management Features
  1. Improved power reliability for your IT infrastructure
  2. Easy identification of energy consumption
  3. Reduced cooling costs
  4. Remote control of power
  5. Easy to maintain and upgrade
  6. Reduced infrastructure costs
  7. Convenient and flexible
  8. Real-time operation visibility with understandable reports

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