TIM’s technical team is now CDCP certified. Get the right solutions for your Data Center from our experts!


The growing power and cooling requirements of computing systems all over the globe is posing significant challenges for the design and operation of computers and their facilities. Modern Data Centers demand energy-efficient technology and the best power management solutions at reasonable costs.

That's why TIM Infratech provides you with reliable, cost-effective, ROI-focused solutions and best-of-breed technology.

When your organization is growing, you need to properly budget for power and efficient cooling requirements in the upcoming years. Our team specializes in Data Center facility planning. Instead of over-building, under-utilizing and splurging both manpower and resources, we prepare and plan for all contingencies well in advance to meet your company’s energy cost and efficiency demands.

All components of modern Data Centers need to be well-protected within the rack. This includes, network devices, servers, blade chassis, chassis switches, etc.

Take advantage of our reliable, ROI-focused solutions and best-of-breed technology to spruce up the performance of your system.

    Power Management Features
  1. Improved power reliability for your IT infrastructure
  2. Easy identification of energy consumption
  3. Reduced cooling costs
  4. Remote control of power
  5. Easy to maintain and upgrade
  6. Reduced infrastructure costs
  7. Convenient and flexible
  8. Real-time operation visibility with understandable reports

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