TIM’s technical team is now CDCP certified. Get the right solutions for your Data Center from our experts!


Our team understands the inherent challenges of controlling energy usage. With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we can identify, rectify and tackle any challenge that may come with your power system. We offer intelligent functional solutions to help you improve energy utilization per unit of production output, lower production risks and reduce miscellaneous costs associated with maintaining quality and compliance.

Rack based power monitoring and management

The demand for better energy / power requirement for Data Centers has drastically increased due to the advancements in the IT industry. However, the need of the hour is not additional power, but rather the ability to properly budget for future power and efficient cooling requirements.

    Our Features
  1. Better power reliability for your IT infrastructure
  2. Easy energy consumption identification
  3. Save on cooling costs
  4. Easy to maintain and upgrade
  5. Reduced infrastructure costs
  6. Convenient and flexible
  7. Real-time operation visibility with understandable reports

Experienced team to handle your needs

Our team has the skills, qualification and experience to plan your Data Center facility. Instead of over-building, under-utilizing and splurging both manpower and resources, we prepare and plan for all contingencies well in advance to meet your company’s energy cost and efficiency demands. Whether you are monitoring a couple of devices or a few hundred, we can provide solutions and services that meet your business requirements. TIM Infratech's rack based power monitoring and management solutions will help your IT / Facility team to plan their strategies by providing them visibility into real-time power consumption and load along with historical data. By using our highly accurate hardware and software equipment, they will also be able to estimate the power and cooling capacity requirements.

Benefits of rack-based power monitoring and management solutions

Modern Data Centers consist of servers, network devices, blade chassis, chassis switches and much more. It is imperative that all components of this integrated system are well-protected within the rack.

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