TIM’s technical team is now CDCP certified. Get the right solutions for your Data Center from our experts!


At TIM Infratech, we understand the need to upgrade your Data Center without having to worry about increasing Data Center operating costs. We offer an alternate approach—our rack-based power monitoring solution for your existing IT setup to help you ramp up.

Our “plug and play” approach improves the energy efficiency of existing IT equipment while minimizing up-front outlays and Data Center disruption. Our team will come up with a customized solution after careful examination of your financial and environmental goals, Data Center composition and layout, time horizon and budget.

Our advanced technology detects new devices and optimizes their performance across time. There’s no need for complex network planning prior to deploying the system and no need to invest time in managing and maintaining it once it is up and running.

We provide reliable services, ROI-focused and best-of-breed technology to power up your business.

    Retrofit Features
  1. No downtime required
  2. Save on capex investments
  3. Utilize existing investment
  4. Helps customers to achieve the actual PUE
  5. Helps customers to determine capacity planning of the rack power by monitoring real-time power with historical report and trend analysis
  6. Eliminating the manual power reading process
  7. Monitoring phase balancing
  8. Helps customers to determine the out-of-balance percentage
  9. Remote power monitoring solutions for non-intelligent cabinets through web GUI with the digital true RMS current monitoring
  10. Monitor environmental parameters

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