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Manage the entire lifecycle of your assets – from purchase through deployment to end-of-life – easily and accurately with Real Time Locating System (RTLS). Assets are valuable and knowing their precise status is vital for the smooth running of your business.

Find reliable, ROI-focused solutions and the best-of-breed technology at TIM Infratech for better growth and sustenance.

TIM Infratech offers fully automated, OPEX-based real-time asset tracking and wire-free environmental monitoring solutions through which you can easily determine the geo-location and productivity of your assets. RTLS significantly reduces the time and cost of tracking and managing your IT assets as it eliminates inaccurate and error-prone manual processes. Built on open standards, RTLS can be configured and installed for greenfield deployment.

Data Center asset tracking

Depending on your needs, TIM Infratech offers two levels of asset visibility at your Data Center:

Rack level tracking: Taking advantage of infrared (IR) ability to localize or pinpoint asset location in a specific rack, this approach makes it possible to track your assets down to the rack level.

Zonal level tracking: This system provides open-rack and closed-rack Data Centers with general room level location information.

    RTLS Features
  1. Reduces manpower costs associated with inventory management
  2. Quick and easy tracking for lost, unidentified or misplaced assets
  3. Optimizes workflow and workload management
  4. Immediate audit and reconciliation of all assets from RF Code console

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