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Too hot. Too cold. Too remote. Too complex. Too costly. The challenges in today’s wired Data Centers are endless. IT professionals must control Data Center environments, track remote locations, and manage complex and constantly changing equipment and the wires that connect them — all while striving to contain costs.

With power, cooling and equipment costs rising, it's imperative to reduce expenses associated with operating IT assets. As a Data Center operator, you need to take steps to improve the energy efficiency of your Data Centers. You need that data to give you the visibility in a dynamic environment. This will enable you to make informed decisions regarding Data Center optimization.

Accurate, real-time power and environment monitoring helps reduce energy usage and operational costs. With TIM Infratech's OPEX-based power and environmental monitoring solution, you can map power and cooling requirements to the varying workloads in your Data Center.

Our environmental sensors and corresponding software help you monitor temperature and humidity changes, leaks, power level usage drops or increases and any other environmental shifts requiring your attention.

With TIM Infratech, you get reliable, ROI-focused solutions and best-of-breed technology.

    Wire-free Management Features
  1. Get real-time updates when problems are detected
  2. Find the right balance between energy costs and asset reliability
  3. Prevent disasters and minimize downtime
  4. Correlate environmental and asset data for accurate density management
  5. Monitor temperature, humidity, fluid detection, air pressure, rack level power usage and more in real-time

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